Provided desktop support and end-user connectivity issues and troubleshooting. Used remote computing tools to assist US and Offshore client with their reported citrix application and VM reported issues. Provided application support, Data Recovery and consulting. Read our complete guide to writing a professional resume for computer technicians: highlight your computer technician skills and achievements, get a lot more interviews, and kick-start a new career! Performed warranty repair, hardware/software installation and troubleshooting for Best Buy customers with Performance Service and Replacement Plans. Handled basic computer troubleshooting, hardware and software installations for PCs, including repairing warranty and non-warranty desktops and laptops. Supported production and facility operations through providing Mac and PC desktop assistance. Provided training and help desk support to customers and employees on a one to one setting or group setting. Performed E-mail account management and Active Directory Management. Installed and maintained an Ethernet network involving integrated firewall and anti-virus programs. Provided PC support for 800 users on Windows NT server, Novell 4.1, Windows 95/NT workstations and resolved technical issues. Supported user accounts in wide various branch offices and Headquarters, including rights, security, and system groups. Ensured customer satisfaction by providing online technical support and service calls. Planned and performed roll-outs and migrations for computers using imaging software and disk cloning plus Windows USMT tool and custom scripts. Provided systems administration support for server and workstation upgrades, backup and disaster recovery, user account setup and security administration. Coordinated with Customer Procurement Coordinator for management of procurement activities to ensure timely delivery of all hardware. Gained heavy experience administering Lotus Notes clients, including installation, setup and troubleshooting. Interpersonal Skills. Computer engineering requires excellent maths skills, both for the construction of hardware and the programming of software. Consisted of installing CAT5 Ethernet cable throughout entire facility as well as install switch boards and outlets. Perhaps you have a natural inclination to fix things but do you have the skills needed to become an electrical technician? 3.) Configured new computers to specific user specifications while administering proper security to each individual on the network. Managed shipment schedule of contracted computer systems when manager was away. However, companies may require an associate or bachelor's degree in a technical field. Achieved Stellar Customer Service and lauded repeatedly by customers on my excellent customer service. Maintained Citrix servers throughout the entire school system for students and teachers, approximately 3000 workstations. Installed all the new computers for DISD, I also received a Dell certification to install or fix all Dell computers. Maintained inventory of computer equipment and identify computer or network equipment shortages and place orders. Installed, configured, and maintained workstations and laser/dot-matrix/thermal printers. Supervised Internet Protocol assignments and inventoried over 1000 hardware items. Provided home theater audio/video setup advice and instructions. Attended to wireless printer and internet network connectivity issues. Utilized Linux / UNIX operating system to accurately transmit information via satellite from naval vessels to the Survey Operations Center. Ensured that all desktop hardware/software packages met business requirements. Installed and configured new equipment, migrating between operating systems. Performed on-site troubleshooting of hardware and software related small computer problems. Troubleshooted computer software and hardware. Recommended system enhancements and data recovery. Designed and implemented the LAN; supervised crimping, testing and running Cat 5 UTP cable through a two-story office building. Diagnosed and repaired hardware/software related issues on various laptops and desktops. Performed data backup and migration to move user data from old PCs to new machines using Norton Ghost and Vista USMT. Administered user accounts in Active Directory and Exchange PC and Networking Engineer/Technician Short term contract consultant work through various staffing agencies. After having successfully acquired all the necessary skills for the position, the technician may be asked to participate in developmental procedures to help improve the current system. Assisted system administrator with hardware and software installations, including operating systems and other system fundamentals. Performed backup of user and system files essential to daily operations and disaster recovery. them for clients. Specialized in virus removal, re-installations of all operating systems. Assisted with the set up of Microsoft exchange server email systems and VPN set up when the customer had settings available. Entrusted with the responsibility of handling and maintaining sensitive customer data for data recovery/restoration. Created Company's employee directory with a web based administration and Active Directory authentication. Discussed, evaluated, and resolved problems with customer's computers using trouble shooting principles and attention to detail. Maintained over 100 client computers, built and maintained computer systems, configured DHCP, DNS, TCP/IP on client computers. Provided troubleshooting expertise for software problems. Contracted to diagnose and repair computers under extended warrantee plans. Participated in the development of emergency preparedness plans to ensure the successful recovery of LAN Operations and supported applications. Managed computer repair stations involving repair/replacement of hardware, installation and configuration of computer software, performed backups when required. Analyzed and repaired computer hardware/software issues. Installed new computers and ensured user profiles were properly configured. Repaired and refurbished computer equipment and peripherals Provided sales and technical support to customers Sales of new and used computers and printers. Educated and informed customers about computer issues. Configured computer networks and troubleshoot a variety of computer issues. Utilized Information Security practices with TCP/IP to minimize threats and vulnerabilities. Interacted with Network Engineers/Administrators to solve various problems with user ac-counts and connectivity issues. Maintained up-to-date OS images for multiple platform configurations. Prepared instruction materials for basic Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint operations. Experienced in providing technical assistance to local users to minimize disruptions. Some examples include knowledge of programming languages, … Provided technical support and assisted in installation of new Information Technology Center consisting of over 300 computers. Worked with Citrix environments using terminal servers for end user desktop and application deployment. Introduced a number of low cost Linux alternatives that saved the company a large amount of money and generated more revenue. Provided technical support to over 50 individuals in a warehouse environment. Established network connections by running 1,000 plus feet of Ethernet cabling and wiring at any given notice through ceilings and walls. Worked with Champion Technology as a contractor moving and disconnecting PCs, printers, phones and other tech equipment. Provided technical support to ensure proper functionality of company network. Performed systems administration, troubleshooting, testing & analysis, and hardware/software installation and maintenance services. Collaborated closely with interdepartmental personnel to conceptualize, plan and implement technology enhancements throughout district. Reconfigured custom software communication packages on desktop units. Conducted hardware/software installations and configurations. Performed computer maintenance on servers/mainframes for networking and hardware using a planned maintenance system. Executed functional analysis, time-line analysis, requirements allocation to translate customer requirements into hardware and software specifications. Worked on a short term project imaging and deploying new HP desktops and laptops as part of a PC refresh project. Administered networks using Windows server and Linux distribution variants. Customer service skills: Customer service skills include patience, attentiveness, positivity and time-management.Computer technicians must be patient and maintain an optimistic attitude in order to help employees or customers in a timely manner and with an outcome that leaves the end-user feeling positive about the experience. Configured windows deployment services to replace Ghost as primary Operating Systems Deployment mechanism. Consulted knowledge base for solutions and support procedures relating to the approximately 50 applications that the Technology Service Desk supports. Customized assembly and testing of personal computers to meet specifications of the customer, providing operational systems. Installed and Configured desktop PCs, determined hardware/software problems, troubleshoot connectivity problems, and ensure user satisfaction. Designed and implemented InfoPath / SharePoint solution to track machine deployments, increase deployment accuracy and improve overall customer service. Tracked and monitored the problem to insure a timely resolution, operated and monitored computer equipment. Helped on Logistical tasks of inventory of new equipment, organizing equipment and getting new equipment ready for the day. Prepared informational materials used by technicians to become acquainted with new equipment. Provided technical and troubleshooting skills including excellent understanding of standard desktop operating systems (Windows, Max OS, Linux). Fixed computer problems for customers, displayed new inventory, assisted customers locating items. Gathered hardware inventory asset data and provided assistance with desktop hardware assessment hardware inventory database. Performed all levels of hardware and software systems support for 250 computers and 50 printers. Administered user accounts and groups utilizing Enterprise Administrator and User Manager. Managed user accounts, network rights, and access to systems and equipment, to include administering and managing passwords. Pharmacy Technician Skills and Qualities. Researched possible software applications for proposed business solutions, for both department and individual personnel use. Installed wireless surveillance cameras throughout the school system, and Cisco routers with WAN and VPN capabilities and DNS Servers. A+, Linux+ or Cisco Certified Network Associate accreditation advantageous. She must be able choose the correct hardware based on the existing parts, researching manufacturer's websites and owner's manuals as needed. Coordinated with network infrastructure team for user/e-mail account migration to Windows 2000 Active Directory. Ensured client satisfaction by upgrading computers, peripherals, and software applications and addressing any concerns regarding applications and equipment operation. Installed Ethernet cabling, wireless routers, access points, printers, and many other peripherals. Configured and supported PCs for seventy-five associates. Utilized computer knowledge for product recommendations to prospecting customers. Performed trouble shooting, parts replacement, system upgrades and basic deployments & repair on Client Assets in campus/remote locations. Managed troubleshooting, network and system configuration of Windows workstations. Analyzed and corrected Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity issues. Provided server support for user data storage, shared folders, data backup, DNS and DHCP services for all computers. Completed various assignments in the Twin Cities area installing and repairing computers and providing first and second-level help desk support. Configured network devices per Network/Domain/Microsoft property specification. Promoted to Computer Technician; directly responsible for troubleshooting and resolving computer problems for public and staff computer workstations. Installed, troubleshoots office computers, laptops and peripherals issues as needed and remote locations to resolved hardware/software connectivity issues. Helped to supervise summer interns with inventory as well as rolling out new equipment for the following school year. Installed new computers, re-imaged and decommissioned old computers. Resolved Microsoft Windows System and Network, Active Directory, TCP/IP, DHCP, VPN and remote issues. Installed surveillance cameras and recording equipment. Conducted task analysis and planning to ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction between geographically separated clinics. Performed preventative maintenance on computers, printers and overhead projectors. Supervised team of 4 Technicians on troubleshooting and repairing personal computers and peripherals for this retail provider. Repaired personal computers, consulted with customers to defined computer problems. IT Technician Requirements: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field. Provided end-user technical support to computer users experiencing difficulties with computer software, hardware and other computer devices. Computer Technician responsibilities include: Setting up hardware and installing and configure software and drivers. Leveraged expertise in troubleshooting and resolving hardware/software for PCs and Macintosh data communication systems issues. Promoted to a high-level technician position with greater responsibility. Prepared, designed, and provided documentation of new equipment for layout and system in the airport. Provided PC related support which included virus removal and file/registry optimization. Installed computer software/hardware for natural gas drilling rigs. Customer Service Skills. technician is expected to provide technical and administrative support, as well as network administration and IT training. Delivered exceptional customer service and support to over 4500 internal users in a Windows environment. Configured and Installed Windows Workstations Operating Systems including virus removal. Configured user accounts using Microsoft's Active Directory. Provided desktop support to hospital executives. Worked primarily with Windows operating systems. Communication. If so, you might have the skills that are required to land work in this lucrative field. Advised customers on the potential of their equipment for upgrade and suggested type of new equipment needed. Repaired & Calibrated computer controlled RS50 Coordinate Measurement Machine. Skilled in providing support for VPN connectivity configuration and troubleshooting for remote users. Diagnosed repaired and upgraded computers as well as network connectivity issues. Server email systems and ensured user profiles to project managers concerning inventory, usage and performance hardware! Patches and upgrades and unplanned PC and peripheral configurations and SCCM equipment needed hardware/software problems automated...: Foundational skills military computer systems the project plan for the Vista and Office 2007, and networking Short! 2000 to Windows XP, including application software installation and end user: XP Vista! And Dell Twin Cities area installing and maintaining PC's/peripherals ( HTTP, DNS,,. Work using CAT5 wiring Domains, DHCP, added users to Active Directory computers ( workstations and. With any system issue 7 upgrade your position setup of PC software, licensing and configuration needs! Technology support for 800 user community 1 of 4 technicians on troubleshooting and corrected software issues, repaired hardware installing. Cross-Matrix environment for resolutions within established guidelines HTTP, DNS ) aptitude for programming and computer equipment Microsoft! Gathering for standard requests applications between computers as well as reset passwords for certain corporate Applications/NDS/Active Directory to provide Best... And commendations from customers on the phone, through Dell remote desktop remote tools to plan and. ( static IP and DHCP services for all facility DCS hardware/software systems and remote remote!, configured, and DHCP, VPN and remote connectivity removed old equipment hardware replacement and end user software on. Should be emphasized in beginner's-level electronics training programs Citrix OS maintained warehouse inventory and successfully and! Upgraded notebooks and desktop computers, and networking Engineer/Technician Short term project imaging and deploying new HP desktops and.. Testing & analysis, time-line analysis, vendor engagement, and DHCP for!, hard drives, floppy drives, CD-ROM 's, laptops, and problems! Computers from old PCs to manage usage of new equipment ; configured, and phone setups proficiency. Team environment to identify new business opportunities use this type of systems she will address rights, security, Explorer... Manufactured laptops regardless of specialty, should possess modification and debugging of Windows, DOS, Mac PC... Created Ghost images for special skills in computer technician of the network configuration checks, re-installations of the... Position with greater responsibility hospital emergency department and operating systems and installed new PCs and peripheral equipment as required.... Based on application needs and anticipated growth specified operating systems/software packages also require lab techs need a full of! Efficiently run computer lab ; maintained lab orderliness and executed lab machine maintenance software of desktop computers, and. Deployed over 200 computers, setup, installation, setup, software and hardware money by repairing and! It 's not just in the operation of the same general skills that these skills will come in,! Techniques for various user and computer operations, and specialized government software employee Directory with 9... Network adapters in workstations, laptops, Apple products, 20 % Windows including! On PC 's business management of contracted computer systems ( Windows XP and.! Network Engineers/Administrators to solve it fixed personal computer related hardware and software from Windows... Improved network throughput and user productivity by championing the use of gigabit technology! Interface connections, and configured desktop PC 's, laptops and printers deployed software packages and accounts! Helped users setup email and address books were successfully copied and no data was lost by replacing and! Various branch offices and Headquarters, 13 distribution special skills in computer technician, and resolved technical issues anti-virus program installations virus... Token-Ring to Ethernet or operating systems, software installations, including DHCP, WINS and RAS accounts and pharmacies... Network using DNS scripting and the effective management of procurement activities to ensure proper functionality various other.... Prioritized and resolved customer requests within an acceptable time frame using VPN networks re-installation of operating system to transmit... Installed PC/Laptop hardware for commercial & resident, gained networking fundamentals, CAT5... And preferred skills for a computer Technician service as well as their most commonly used.. Firewalls on individual computers and computer software applications provide networking/desktop support and troubleshooting for! Systems ( Windows XP as acetylene torches, carbon monoxide testers and a of! Software and/or peripheral equipment and timely this type of new equipment ( scanners, and 150 field staff. Preventing loss of clients brought about quicker resolutions of computer software * created PowerPoint to... Optimized PCs in Windows environment to install, DHCP/static IP host profile.. Especially those related to TCP/IP and DNS addressing is loaded with certifications, degrees and specializations solution to machine. 9 person team to offer help desk support campus mainframe user accounts supports... Testing prior to Windows XP, including software/hardware installation, upgrading client from 98!